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Welcome to the


Saturday June 1 & Sunday June 2

Welcome to the


Saturday June 1 & Sunday June 2


About Unionville Festival

Kick off the summer with the Unionville Festival! This annual event takes place on historic Main Street Unionville and is a celebration of the local community, featuring live music, delicious food, and a wide range of activities for people of all ages. Whether you’re looking to enjoy some great entertainment or simply soak up the festive atmosphere, the Unionville Festival is a must-attend event for anyone in the area.

History of Unionville Festival

In 1969, Unionville residents banded together to save Main Street Unionville in a protest that would eventually transform into Unionville Festival. The widening of Kennedy Road that was taking place South of Highway 7 concerned residents that it would continue North and destroy the historic homes and businesses of Main Street Unionville. They rallied in protest and successfully demonstrated their commitment to maintain and safeguard historic Main Street. Since then, the annual Unionville Festival kicks off the summer, filling Main Street with thousands of people.


Is there an admission fee to enter the festival?2024-01-12T00:24:50-05:00

The festival is free of charge! Some of the activities will require a small fee. More information to be provided.

How can I get to the festival?2024-02-08T19:37:47-05:00

We encourage local attendees to consider walking or biking to the festival. Bike racks will be available at Unionville Curling Club’s parking lot, so please remember to bring your own locks. Given the limited parking availability on Unionville Main Street, we are collaborating with organizations to secure a suitable transportation service. More information to follow.

Parking lots near Unionville Main Street include:

  • Lane Way (East Parking Lot)*
  • Unionville Planing Mill
  • Stiver Mill Parking Lot
  • Unionville Library

*Please also note that parking at the East Lane will be affected by the parade on Saturday, June 1st from 8 AM to 11:30 AM.

Kindly be mindful of signage and respect residents’ parking spaces when utilizing parking in the Unionville Community.

What payment methods are accepted for purchases at the festival?2024-02-08T19:41:09-05:00

We strongly encourage all our visitors to bring cash; however, most vendors will also be accepting credit card payments. ATM machines will be available at Unionville Arms and Crosby Memorial Parking Lot. 

Please note we only accept cash when purchasing wristband for the inflatables at the Crosby Field.

Is there a water-bottle refill station?2024-01-12T00:32:14-05:00

It is strongly encouraged to bring your own reusable water bottle. The City of Markham’s WOW Water Trailer will be present at the festival for refills. Please note that water samples are taken regularly throughout the day to ensure it is safe for drinking. Vendors have been instructed not to sell plastic water bottles to contribute to our efforts in reducing plastic waste.

Is the festival family-friendly? Are there activities for children?2024-01-12T00:32:38-05:00

Yes! This festival is extremely family-friendly, and there are numerous children’s activities taking place around the Crosby Memorial Community Centre Parking Lot and Field, including pet entertainment, robotics, sports, inflatables, and much more!

Will there be fireworks?2024-02-08T19:43:09-05:00

There will be no fireworks due to environmental concerns, safety considerations, community sensitivity and removing this programming will ensure that this event is safe for pets. However, there will be a parade!

Will there be a parade?2024-01-12T00:33:45-05:00

Yes, the annual Unionville Festival parade is back since COVID-19 regulations have been lifted. If your organization would like to participate, kindly fill in the form found under the “Parade” tab on our website.

Are pets allowed at the festival?2024-01-12T00:34:11-05:00

Absolutely! This is a pet-friendly festival! The Markham Dog Alliance is one of our festival partners, and we’ll have pet-friendly vendors, dog/cat entertainment, and pet contests.

Are there restroom facilities on-site?2024-02-08T19:44:10-05:00

Public Washrooms are available at the Crosby Memorial Community Centre, and there will be regular and accessible portable restrooms with sinks along Unionville Main Street.

Will there be a list of the programming and performance details, as well as the vendor list, found on the website?2024-01-12T00:35:06-05:00

Yes, please check periodically as we regularly update the website. All the information will be posted by mid-May.

Do I need special permission to take photos, record audio, or shoot videos at the Unionville Festival?2024-01-18T12:31:56-05:00

No special permission is required. By entering the event premises, you consent to the recording of photography, audio, and video.
Note: However, please be aware that drone recordings are not permitted at the Unionville Festival.

I am delighted to extend a warm invitation to our community for a joyous occasion—’Celebrating Unionville’s History and Embracing the Legacy.’ Join us in honoring our vibrant past and uniting in anticipation of a promising future together.

Sonia Chow, Executive Director Unionville Business Improvement Area

I have been involved with the Unionville Festival along with my family since the first one in 1970. My parents were on the committee at that time and for a number of years after. The meetings were held in the basement of the St. Phillips Anglican church (at that time), on the Main Street. For that first year it was a small festival for the purpose of diverting the truck traffic off that Main Street.

Alex Carter, The Tonedogs
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